my story


Since the age of three I remember having a love for music.

I grew up in a musical family where my mother and grandmother both played the piano, my brother played the keyboard and guitar, and my dad blasted classic rock songs from our stereo. (I can clearly remember hearing U2's New Years Day on repeat.)

When I turned 14 my brother gave me his old guitar. It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I played that guitar for hours every day. As soon as I could string three chords together I started coming up with songs and creating music.

After three years of dedication I started to play publicly. The positive feedback was incredible. A few years later, I recorded my first studio album, "Find Myself." I have since released three more albums with various bands and I continue to write daily.

My music has always come from a Catholic heart and my understanding of who I am and what I'm made for. In 2012 I felt a strong desire to write an album that highlighted my faith life, the result is Kingdom Come. With the help of 134 amazing people through Kickstarter I was able raise enough money to fly to Jersey and record Kingdom Come with producer/engineer/artist Jalyn.

 I am married to the most beautiful woman alive, and have 3 awesome children. I'm excited to share my passion of music and these songs that are a part of me, with you.  Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you leave with a new favorite song.